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Seasonal Closet Organization

Every seasonal change requires us to rethink how we’re dressing. Along with how we’re dressing we SHOULD be looking at how our closet organization is set up as well to make sure that we have complete success. We often just leave it as is and never update the closet layout to accommodate our needs.

In this week’s video, I talked about setting up our closets for success and demonstrated by changing out my tops and layering pieces sections. You can watch that here.

Here are some things to consider when a new season rolls around not only in regards to setup but also in terms of what we actually have on hand.

1 – Shoes

We should be evaluating our shoes and ensuring that they are in good condition for the weather ahead. Retailers will work to get you into “new” boot styles and boots rarely update much from season to season. If you are buying more basic designs they will last as long as there are soles on them. So make sure you inspect for excessive wear and replace accordingly. Ensure these match your style keywords as well as your budget.

2 – Clothes

We get soooo excited when the weather changes and it gives us an excuse to go shopping. However, most of the time we aren’t buying anything we really need. We are buying because it’s just something to do or the “new” styles have us excited. 90% of the time, the styles are a recycled version of what was in the store last year. Styles rarely change drastically so make sure you compare what you see to what you remember. Look over what you own and ensure it is still in good condition for the season and only add what you really need.

3 – Outerwear

Outerwear is important to protect us from the elements and many buy with complete disregard for aesthetics and only consider its utility. Take out your coats before you need them and make sure they still fit properly, haven’t been damaged accidentally in storage and are a style you are comfortable wearing. If any of those three are missing, replace them.

Remember to have a set time every year when this happens. Make it an event like back-to-school shopping was when we were kids, or is if you have kids. Schedule stages of your process and spread it out. Avoid trying to do it all in one day.

Stay stylish this season!


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