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Stop Using Style Quizzes

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First of all, these quizzes are useful for one thing, finding your #1 style category.


The notion that you are only one thing when it comes to style is as absurd as the thought that you’ll only want to eat one food for the rest of your life.

We are multifaceted people with multifaceted interests. This makes our style tastes as diverse as our taste in foods, movies, books, cars! All of these things play a part in what we like and a quiz that gives you just one answer is only giving you one piece of the puzzle, and your puzzle may have 1600 pieces!

When you are trying to find your style you can use these quizzes as a great starting point but look at the other categories and see if there are parts that you like.

  1. Make a file of outfits you like from each style category.
    • Now that you have a bunch of outfit pictures, notice how many of each you have that fall into a certain category. Count up your total number of outfits and then the total number of outfits in each category. So, how many that you saved are classic? romantic? natural? Write these numbers down.
  2. Do the math.
    • For example, let’s say you have saved 67 outfit photos to a Pinterest board. Of those photos you find that 28 are romantic, 13 are classic, 3 are glam, 23 are street/urban. Divide this up for approximate percentages of your style categories.
    • Street/urban: 23/67=34.3%
    • Romantic: 28/67=41.8%
    • Classic: 13/67=19.4%
    • Glam: 3/67=4.5%
  3. Adjust your wardrobe accordingly.
    • Using this information you can then create your key words (see this video) and clean out or shop to add to your wardrobe accordingly.

The old keep it simple adage is fine for some things but we are not always so simple that only one word describes our style. It just does not work like that.

Till next time, Mind Your Style!


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