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Rebuild Your Body Confidence

Forget about learning to love your body! The body positivity movement seems to forget that we’re human and we have brains with well-worn patterns that like to repeat thoughts in our heads. They especially love the negative ones.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to tolerate let alone like the body we’re in. This is a universal feeling women get at one point in life or another. SO. Let’s look at some ways to work through the rough patches and move from loathe to meh, it’s not so bad.

First, you have to look at yourself in the mirror. Find one thing, just one, and say out loud what you like about it and why you like it. This does not have to be a grand gesture of, I LOVE MY BODY!! Let’s not slap pretty language on it when we feel something different. You’ll know if you’re being honest with yourself or lying so let’s just stick with honesty.

It really is as simple as, I like my ears because they hear everything really well and I like that they let me hear music. No fancy flowery language just simple facts. I’ll bet that if you couldn’t hear all of a sudden you’d be pretty sad, so we are not lying when we say any of this.

Second, take that and work it into bigger things. I like my arms because they give good hugs and allow me to use my hands well. Eventually, you’re going to think the body you have is pretty great.

Add a Mel Robbins mirror high five and you’ll be in a better place in no time flat.

Till next week, mind your style.

Love you!

Love your style mentor, Yo.

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