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Work With A Stylist

(And other tips to boost your business goals)

Woman in Yellow Blazer Matching Green Shoes to Blue Dress

How would you like to make more money? Get a relationship you love? Be treated with more respect?

If you said yes to any of the above you should be working with me.

Make More Money

When you go to work with a client or you’re trying to close a deal, how are your clients seeing you? When you ask for a raise are you presenting yourself in the best possible light?

When it comes to money, people pay what their perceived value is and if you look less than your asking price, they assume you aren’t worth the investment and you can’t possibly be worth it.

Getting your style under control with a plan, and the insights to use that plan gives you the means to have some control over your financial situation.

Get Relationships You Love

How do you improve relationships? Yes of course education on how to communicate and learning social interactiosn is helpful but if you look good and know it then your confidence improves the use of these skills you learn. You become more confident in your communication and your body language opens up more increasing interest from the others you interact with. It’s a feedback loop of positivity!

Get Some Respect

Feel like you’re overlooked? Think of a doctor in their white coat. The coat immediately evokes feelings of authority and respect. You are no different. A well put together outfit and neat appearance demands respect sort of short circuting the brain to really think too much about it.

Better dressed means more respect. No. This does not mean fancy and expensive clothes.

This All Means What?

This is about honing your look and really getting dialed into what makes you look like you. Have you ever had those people in your life that you know exactly the kind of thing they’d wear? This is how you become that person. By taking responsibility and doing the work to search within yourself, discover your bad style habits and create a new you on the outside to more closely match the inside, you can have all these benefits!

Your Personal Style Mentor – Yo

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