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About Me

Dedicated to Reshaping Our Perception Of Personal Style

I’m your personal style and confidence coach Yolandie and I have been styling for what feels like my whole life! My mission is to bring together my two passions of fashion and style with understanding the mind and our motivations for why we make the decisions we do. I love empowering women to feel as sophisticated and upgraded as they should!



Yolandie Hamilton

Personal Style Mentor & Confidence Coach




Who Am I?

I am a personal style and confidence coach who guides ambitious women to understand themselves and their personal style by combining psychological principles and tools with styling theory and techniques to feel liberated, in control, and confident in their style, body, and life in six weeks with my Mind Your Style Process.

I love talking about how our brains interfere with our good intentions for looking and feeling good. My process is all about intentionally creating your personal style and using it as a form of self-care and self-expression. Perfect for women who feel like they’ve lost a bit of themselves.

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Where It All Began.

As much as we all want others to get to know us and who we are as people, judgments based on our appearance are a fact of reality. I learned this very young and developed it into a love of all things fashion and a need for constant improvement. This began with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and has been supplemented by 15 years in retail working with customers and creating inspiring displays. You know that impeccably dressed mannequin you walk by in a store and think to yourself, I wish I could dress that well, that was me! (psst! You can dress that well!) In addition to all the people I’ve dressed as part of my career in retail, I have also worked on live theatre productions costuming the actors. Lastly, very early in my career, I had a brief stint as a dance costume designer. 



What Came Next.

As a less-than-healthy marriage ended, I found myself feeling like the women I was helping in the stores each and every day. I had no style and had lost myself. The everyday uniform became ugly, boring t-shirts and ill-fitting pants.

One day I opened the closet and had an a-ha moment as I reached for that awful pair of slightly too big pants and mentally exclaimed, “What am I wearing?!”

I began a quest of self-discovery and reinvention. It was here that the method I teach today began to take shape. I applied my personal experience and read A LOT of style, self-help, and psychology books about how to change my life, not just my look.

Voila! Mind Your Style was born! Even though I didn’t call it that yet. It would take a global pandemic to shake me out of my shell before we could work together!






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