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Mind Your Style

Ready To Unleash Your Style?

Let me guide you in just six sessions from your style feeling purposeless to being in control of your style!

You’ve tried the style boxes, random shopping trips, and even ignored it all together but your style still has you frustrated and mystified.

Your closet is full of clothes but there’s nothing to wear

You don’t feel like you have a sense of style at all.

Shopping makes you want to get a root canal.

You think all your outfits are boring.

It’s time you felt like your stylish self again!

Step 1

Schedule your complimentary Style Exploration Call

We’ll chat via zoom about where you are now and what you are looking to accomplish. No obligation to continue just solid style advice for where you are right now.

Step 2

Together we upgrade your mindset and style!

We’ll meet over 6 sessions to talk about your thoughts, experiences, and needs to create your personal strategy, organization, and actionable steps you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.

Step 3

You enjoy upgraded confidence and style!

Enjoy getting up every morning with a plan for what to wear, how to wear it, and actually being able to find it! Go about your day feeling self-assured and carefree about your style and life.



I didn’t really think stylish or fun clothes were for me. I was very directionless and really disinterested but wanted to be interested. I was using Stitch Fix but my closet ballooned and I didn’t really love any of the things. [Now] I absolutely feel better when I get dressed.

Heather R.



Full Experience Details

  • 6 one-on-one sessions
  • Mindset & Journal Exercises
  • Body Geometry, Style Personas, Outfit Formulas 
  • Guided Closet Cleanout, Reorganization  & Shopping Experience
  • Professional Color Analysis by ColorGuru
  • Professional Virtual Photo Shoot from Jo DeMagneval Photography
  • My Expertise On-call Throughout The Entire Process


  • EVERYTHING you learn compiled into your own Personal Style Guide 
    • Includes all the above knowledge
    • a mini lookbook for easy outfit ideas
    • How to accessorize for your unique persona mix
    • Look completion tips for hair and makeup
  • Six Months of support after the process is complete

Also Included…

  • NINE Bonus Guides!

    • Wash & Fold (laundry care)
    • Pack It In! (travel packing)
    • Get to Steppin! (shoe care)
    • and 6 more!

I’m here for you to learn and grow your understanding of your personal style and yourself.

– Yolandie

“[My style before] was basic without much variation and felt frumpy. I tried style boxes, watching various style channels on YouTube which sound great in theory but [were] not meant for me and my body. [She] helped me to establish the sense of style I was looking for and break the rut I had been in for several years.”

Jessica T.



Expert Resources

These fabulous ladies support the work I do and provide their expertise to my clients. Whether you need to know what colors look best on you, to learn how to do your makeup, or the perfect photos, they’ll provide what you need. Color analysis and photos are included in the Mind Your Style experience at no extra charge.

Jeannie Stith


Jeannie is obsessed with helping real women look and feel amazing in their clothes.  She helps women create the wardrobe of their dreams by analyzing their hair, skin, and eye color in order to give them their ideal color palette for clothing.

Jo Demagneval


Photography is how I see the world, it is my diary of thoughts, memories and wishes, my own happy place, my little eye.

The joy I find in creating little pieces of art is where I belong (as corny as that sounds!) and being able to do this for work is my dream.

Michelle MONTES


Michelle Montes is a reputed makeup artist with a passion for creating a unique and customized luxury experience for her clients. With over 18 years of international experience in professional makeup and hair artistry.

Complete Step One Today!

Click the Let’s Talk button to reserve your time on the calendar.

“Before working with Yolandie, getting dressed was more complicated than it needed to be. I tried going through the closet multiple times by myself but never stuck to keeping up on it. Now, I put more thought into what I’m wearing and the purpose of the items I pick out. Everything that happened exceeded my expectations. There hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t gotten a compliment!.”

Grace F.



Not Ready To Take The Big Leap?

Try this on for size. The Mind Your Style Mini.

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