Uncover your style in 4 hours.

You can fast-track your style and get the strategy to reorganize your wardrobe in only one session.

Finding yourself saying any or all of the following on an all too regular basis?

I can’t find clothes that fit my body!

I don’t understand the trends. None of this looks good on me!

Those Pinterest closet organizing ideas make it look so easy but my closet is a mess!

I wish I knew my style.

You deserve to understand your body & style!

” The information provided regarding body type and style now enables me to create and achieve the desired look, and do so with pizzaz!”

Darby G.



“This session will catapult your style to new heights.”

What You Get

  • Learn how to buy clothes that fit your body.
  • Defined style. Create your ideal blend of personas for a completely unique aesthetic
  • An easy-to-use closet space
  • A quick reference guide to build your complete wardrobe

Change your style for life, in 4 hours.

Get ready to change how you look at and feel about your style!

The VIP session is a 4-hour intensive delivering a quick shift in perspective to build a foundation for lasting style growth inside and out. My clients love the quick revelations on their bad habits and the resources to continue their transformation. To ensure you are prepared to get the most out of this session, I’ll gather information about you and your style situation before we even begin so we can swing right into action during your session. After we’re finished you’ll have me on call for 14 days to answer any questions that pop into your head as you drift off to sleep. You’ll also have your very own personal style guide to reference so you’ll never forget a thing!

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